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Hi everyone, my name is Issac Ronald and I am a graduate on Online Affiliate Marketing  and now an Ambassador of the WA Online Community. I am an Internet Affiliate Marketer, Online Publisher and WordPress Blogger and Creator of this website, http://powerofpraiseandworship.com to reach out to people who are depressed and show them how to experience the power of praise and worship and find peace, joy and the release from depression.

I have been a Messianic  believer in the Messiah since 2007 and I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’akov.

During these years Adonai Elohim taught me the power of praise and worship through gospel music. I am a song writer and a musician ever since I received my salvation.

To you my brothers and sisters out there, let me encourage you that gospel music is powerful. It brings you into the presence of God. Worship and Praise draw His anointing and destroy the bondages of the power of the devil in you and around you.

To you the human heart that struggles to find the joy, fulfilment and satisfaction of God’s Holy Presence.

Let me assure you that praise and worship have always been the avenue into the presence of our God. We can talk about Him, do things for Him and even pray to Him.

However, it is only through praise and worship that we are allowed to be in the presence of our Great Creator.

Your soul is your whole self; your will, your emotions and your intellect. Therefore, if you are telling your soul to praise God, in reality you are commanding your body to respond to all three. In other words, you first give yourself a talking to and take control over your will, your emotions and your intellect. Then once all three are focused on God and attentive to Him, your body acts in accordance with the instructions it receives from them. This is why you can still praise God when your will is in different, your emotions are down and your mind is bored. Your body responds with praise because your will, your emotions and your intellect under your consciousness- tell it to do so.

This is how King David was. He wasa man after the heart of God. He was a man of praise and worship. Though in the midst of circumstances, he longed always to be in the Holy Presence of God.

Through gospel music, God offers His messages of Salvation, Love and Hope to us His children and also to the unsaved that they maybe saved also.


God is the creator of Music for His own Glory. However, the devil Satan has perverted music to destroy all mankind through pop music.

Beloved seek God and His Holy Spirit now to teach you the power of praise and worship and how to honour Him and obey His commandments.

To those who are sick of Depression or those going through difficult circumstances, worship God and praise His Holy Name with your lips and you shall find healing for your body and soul.

To God be the Glory!

Praise Yah.


Mr Issac Ronald

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