The Universal Cure

This herbal drink is very powerful and has cured HIV patients. The HAVID, which is the initial for HIV Aids Virus Instant Destroyer is a powerful herbal drink that instantly destroys the virus and flushes them out of the human body through urine and wastes, after which it reactivates the immune system of the human body. This drink is only recommended for HIV Aids patients only.

Upon purchasing the product, the patient receives the package which comes with 9 x 375mL of HAVID herbal drinks, 1 x 375 bottle of Virgin Coconut Oil plus 2 medicated bar soaps and 8 biblical brochures for the patient to assist with his salvation and rehabilitation process of restoring his life and forsaking his sexual immoral habits.


The patient must take 1x 375mL drink of HAVID each day for 3 consecutive days for 3 consecutive months. This means taking 3 bottles of HAVID for 3 days for 3 months.

After completing the 3 months’ dose, a patient can take the 1x 375 bottle of Virgin Coconut Oil every day, which further protects the body from futher sicknesses.

After a week of each 3 days dose, the patient must go for medical review to check the patient’s  HIV status.

The time for a patient to drink  each herbal bottle of HAVID must be ONLY at 3.00 am early in the morning. The drink is neither bitter nor sour but it weakens the body upon consumption but the patient is not to worry. Just drink and continue sleeping until morning, Upon waking up, the patient  will start to feel the body being  energized while knowing that the  virus Destroyer is doing its job in the body. After the first dose, the patient will start to release the dead virus from the body through wastes and urine. And will notice changes in the colour of urine from yellow to colourless and also diarrhea will cease. The patient’s appetite also will start to return. This is the healing process taking place in the body as a result of undertaking HAVID the Destroyer.

The price for the HAVID package is USD 200 while in PNG the product is sold for K3306.

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