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For Such a Time as This!!!

Are you depressed because you’re HIV Aids positive? Or because your friend or sibling is sick from this terrible disease?

Let us introduce you to this powerful herbal drink known as HAVID.

This herbal drink is powerful and has cured HIV Aids patients and also a Psirosis patient who complained that her own Psirosis medication was not working on her.

The HAVID does not contain artificial drugs. It does not even contain any other types of additives. It is purely herbal and it’s extracted from plants only.

It is neither bitter nor sour but does the job effectively.

The HAVID was researched last year 2019 and tested on our first HIV Aids male patient who has lived without the virus up to this date and now living a normal life since taking HAVID.

Before taking this herb, the male patient had experienced a very significant weight loss from his normal weight of115 kilos down to 54 kilos after contracting the virus and experienced the following symptoms:

  1. Continous Diarrhea
  2. Yellowish urine colour
  3. Crooked mouth
  4. Loss of Appetite.
  5. Shivering during hot/cold shower.
  6. Often feeling weak/ Tired.
  7. Waking up late in the morning,
  8. Feeling Sleepy during daytime.
  9. Looking pale, dusty and dry.
  10. Literally feeling the virus crawling all over his body within his body skin prompting body itchiness.

The patient was deeply depressed and had lost all hope of living. He had prepared himself his own coffin and also withdrew all his superannuation funds after resigning from his job and he even raised a small piglet for his own funeral customary farewell . Everywhere he went he had to bring around with him small empty plastic bottles in his bag so he could piss into as he was often pissing and he was no longer taking his anti viral medication. He was in great distress. Even his wife and kids had left him. So he was living by himself. Only his widow mother and brothers knew about his condition and took care of him. After 2 years of contracting the disease we put him on HAVID treatment.

Only after taking his first 3 doses, all symptoms ceased immediately. Even after the first day dose he regained alot of strength and started eating alot. And just after a week when he went for medical review, his weight shot up from 54 kilos to 60 kilos. By the time he completed his 3 months’ dose, his weight had gone up to 80 kilos. Powerful!


The HAVID package comes with:

  1. 9 ×375 mL HAVID drinks- 3 bottles monthly.
  2. 8 × Biblical Counselling brochures to assist with the patient’s healing, salvation and rehabilitation process upon and after healing so a patient forsakes all sexual immoral habits because we see HIV Aids as a Behavioural disease due to sexual immorality.

After a week of each 3 days’ dose, the patient must go for medical review to check the HIV status.


The HAVID treatment is for any 3 consecutive days only in 3 consecutive months.

The time for a patient to drink  each herbal bottle of HAVID must be ONLY at 3.00 am  early in the morning which the bible says as the Fourth Watch of the night. So each bottle must be taken each day of any 3 consecutive days for 3 consecutive months.

The drink is neither bitter nor sour but it weakens the body upon consumption but the patient is not to worry. Just drink and continue sleeping until morning, Upon waking up, the patient  will start to feel the body being re- energized while knowing that the HAVID is doing its job in the body.


It’s been tested and discovered that alcohol drinking, smoking or betel nut chewing derail and prolong the healing process of HAVID. Therefore, a patient must refrain from these practices and must adapt without having to resort to alcohol, smoking and betel nut chewing during the 3 months’ treatment. Within the 3 months’ treatment a patient must not take alcohol, smoke or chew betel nut as this will disturb the work of HAVID.

Even after being healed, a patient is to cease immediately from any future immoral sexual engagements as the HAVID will not work anymore if the patient continues to practise adultery and fornication even after being healed and contracts the disease again.


This herbal drink is a revelation from the God of Israel and even though people say that there is no cure for HIV Aids and that this disease is a result of breaking the seventh commandment of God’s ten commandments which includes fornication and adultery, but we do believe God is also merciful and gracious and He’s the only Judge and doesn’t want anyone to die in sin. So for such a time as this, He’s giving another opportunity to HIV Aids patients to live but to those who take this herb and experience healing, they must not repeat the same sin and mistakes of fornication which they entangled their lives with before.

Therefore, biblical tracts come with the HAVID package to assist with the patient’s salvation and rehabilitation process.

We do encourage patients to first receive their own Salvation in the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) before taking this drink. Please don’t focus on this herbal drink alone. Focus on God and also give Him a word of thanks before taking each dose at 3.00 am.

For this month of February, we have reduced the price for the HAVID package to USD 170 while in PNG the product is sold for K3,306.00.


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