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The Destroyer For Such a Time as This!!!

This herbal drink is powerful and has cured HIV Aids patients. The HAVID, which is the initial for HIV Aids Virus Instant Destroyer, is a powerful herbal drink that instantly destroys the virus and flushes them out of the human body through urine and wastes, after which it reactivates the immune system of the human body. And we believe that we have now discovered the cure that should now save HIV Aids patients around the globe. Praise God for this. Adonai alone should be exhalted!

We first discovered this powerful herb last year 2018 in the land of Tavui N0# 1 village, about 30 kilometers north of Rabaul Town in East New Britain Province of PNG and had since, made a careful research on it after which a test was done on our first patient the same year. The patient was medically cleared from HIV Aids last year and this month December 2019, marks him, over one year since HAVID healed him.

The HAVID treatment is for 3 consecutive days in 3 consecutive months.

The Destroyer package comes with:

  1. 9 ×375 mL HAVID drinks- 3 bottles monthly.
  2. 1× 375 Virgin Coconut Oil
  3. 2× Medicated Bar Soaps
  4. 8 × Biblical Counselling brochures to assist with the patient’s healing, salvation and rehabilitation process upon and after healing so a patient forsakes all sexual immoral habits because we see HIV Aids as a Behavioural disease due to sexual immorality.

After a week of each 3 days’ dose, the patient must go for medical review to check HIV status.

Upon completion of the 3 months’ dose and fully cleared from HIV Aids, a patient can take 2 table spoons daily of the virgin coconut oil until finish. The virgin coconut oil will further protect the patient from other future diseases including, diabetes and high blood pressure among others.

The time for a patient to drink  each herbal bottle of HAVID must be ONLY at 3.00 am  early in the morning which the bible says as the Fourth Watch of the night.

The drink is neither bitter nor sour but it weakens the body upon consumption but the patient is not to worry. Just drink and continue sleeping until morning, Upon waking up, the patient  will start to feel the body being re- energized while knowing that the  virus Destroyer is doing its job in the body. After the first dose, the patient will start to release the dead virus from the body through wastes and urine. And will notice changes in the colour of urine from yellow to colourless and also diarrhea which is a symptom will cease.

The patient’s appetite will return and will start to eat plenty. This confirms that the virus have been destroyed and healing process taking place in the body as a result of undertaking HAVID the Destroyer.


It’s been tested and discovered that alcohol drinking, smoking or betel nut chewing derail and prolong the healing process of HAVID. Therefore, a patient must refrain from these practices and must adapt without having to resort to alcohol, smoking and betel nut chewing during the 3 months’ treatment,

Even after being healed, a patient is to cease immediately from any future immoral sexual engagements as the HAVID will not work anymore if the patient continues to practise adultery and fornication even after being healed.

The price for the HAVID package is USD 4,000,00 while in PNG the product is sold for K3,306.00.

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