Malaria Herbal Cure

Soursop (Prickley Custard Apple)

Annona muricata l. (syn. Annona macrocarpa Wercklé) annonaceae Local Names : Sow sop (Kebuguili, Milne Bay); Kahiloko (Tawala, Milne Bay).

English Names: Soursop, Prickly custard apple.


Three to 7 m tall. Leaves rather pale green, elliptic, rounded but apiculate or obtusely pointed at apex, rounded or narrowed at base, sepals quite thick, valvate; outer petals cordate at base. Flowers large, solitary, yellowish or greenish-yellow in colour. Fruit oblong or ovoid, somewhat curved (mango-shaped), sometimes as much as 30 cm long, the surface beset with regularly well-spaced short slightly curved spines, of moderately firm texture, green; flesh juicy, acid, whitish. Seeds abundant.


Lowland areas below 1,200 m altitude. Distribution. Native of tropical America, it is now cultivated worldwide, including Papua New Guinea, for its fruit.


Annonaceous acetogenins: annocatalin, annohexocin, annomonicin, annomontacin, annomuricatin A & B, annomuricin A-E, annomutacin, annonacin, (multiple iso, cis, one, etc.), annonacinone, annopentocin A-C, cis-annonacin, cis-corossolone, cohibin A-D, corepoxylone, coronin, corossolin, corossolone, donhexocin, epomuricenin A & B, gigantetrocin, gigantetrocin A & B, gigantetrocinone, gigantetronenin, goniothalamicin, iso-annonacin, javoricin, montanacin, montecristin, muracin A-G, muricapentocin, muricatalicin, muricatalin, muri-catenol, muricatetrocin A & B muricatin D, muricatocin A-C, muricin H, muricin I, muricoreacin, murihexocin 3, murihexocin A-C, murihexol, murisolin, robustocin, rolliniastatin 1 & 2, saba-delin, solamin, uvariamicin I & IV, xylomaticin, annocatalin, annohexocin, annomonicin, annomontacin, cis-annomontacin, annomuricin A-E, annomutacin; campesterol, stigmasterol, isoquinoline alkaloids, tannin, lipid, carbohydrate. Cardiac depressant, antiamebic, antibacterial, antifungal, serotonin (5-HT) receptor binding activity, antimalarial, toxic, molluscicidal, anticrustaceaen, smooth muscle relaxant, spasmogenic, urine stimulant, vasodilator, antileishmaniasis, insecticidal, antiparasitic, lipid peroxidase formation inhibition.

Traditional Medicinal Uses

Malaria Cure

Collect a handful of its green leaves and boil them in water. After boiling them, leave dilluted stuff to cool down and then drink from cup. Repeat this step for seven days. All boiled leaves are to be disposed after each step.

Treatment for Stomach Aches

Leaves are heated over a fire and inhaled to give some relief to an upset stomach. The heated leaves are pressed against the stomach and stroked downwards to provide relief from stomach ache.

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